The Project

Indie video games, committed gamers and proud of it, rpg lovers who miss old style games. This is Infinigon. A team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in video games and a common goal: to create video games that get the traditional spirit back and give the user the opportunity to enjoy an old style RPG coated with a quite particular sense of humor.

Infinigon is the project of a group of hardcore gamers and, at the same time, video game professionals. We are a team with experience in AAA game production and used to cruel dead lines. People who know about the production systems and even enjoy working under pressure. This is who we are; a team of gamers willing to create the games we love to play. Good quality indie products with an original treatment and unrestrained sarcasm. All of that, with the help of our own gamer community.


The only way to play an old style rpg of this kind was to create it ourselves

The Team


Creative Director.

More than eight years of experience as a Game Designer, he worked at Ubisoft leading parts of AAA projects as a creative.

Highlighted Projects: Tintín the video game. The Crew.


Narrative Director.

Creator of the Fallout 3 MOD Mothership Zeta Crew - The Terran Starship Command, which counts with an extended fanbase and more than 225.000 downloads.


Communication responsible.

10 years of experience on the advertising field.

She is the co-founder of the advertising agency “The Mood project” in Barcelona. Among their clients we find brands such as Vodafone, EDreams or Panrico.




Art director.

12 years of experience as an artist, he worked in companies like Ubisoft or Grin.

Highlighted projects: Terminator salvation, Wanted weapons of fate. 


Strategy consultant and in charge of “Game Analytics”.

More than 15 years of experience in the industry. Producer at Ubisoft.

Highlighted projects: Ghost Recon The Crew The Division